How To Cycle Indoors Really Easily Using Zwift

Indoor Bike Trainer Setup For Cyclists & Triathletes Wheel On
Credit: Sharon Barclay Indoor Bike Setup

Indoor Cycling has so many things to offer cyclists and triathletes. Train at home, whether rain or shine, dinner time or dawn - you can still log your miles.

Thinking about getting ready to start riding with Zwift? It's so awesome - it's like a video game animated by real life cyclists with special worlds, clothes, and get this - segments just like Strava.

ZWift gaming avatar
Credit: Facebook Amanda Wendorff Zwift Ride Avatar

Wondering if you need special equipment to take your cycling and triathlon training indoors?

Equipment Needed Indoor Cycling Training & Zwift

There are three basic things you'll need to use zwift as part of your indoor training plan. Some of this may seem overwhelming, but don't worry, SwimBikeRun Fun Club Coaches are here to assist!

  1. Trainer

  2. Bike

  3. Device/App

  4. *Bonus Accessories*

Let's break this down in segments 🚴‍♀️