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Positive Self-talk Blocks Negative Energy In Endurance Training & Racing

When under time constraints, such as during a race or even in a club training scenario, we might begin to question our abilities. In our negative self-talk, we are told that we must be flawless, that we are slow, that our form is bad, that others are more prepared than we are, and that even one mistake might derail our progress or cause us to lose our race.

Negative thoughts, if allowed to run amok, depletes your mental reserves of essential resources. What you don't want is for your brain to be preoccupied with your anxieties rather than the work at hand, which is exactly what is going to happen. It practically assures that something will go wrong, which is strangely enough.

Affirmative self-talk gets in the way of negative energy.

I believe in the power of my own words to make positive changes in my life. I am a high achiever because I tell myself, “I am able.” Words like these banish any thoughts of doubt about my talents or abilities.

Each day at work begins with a self-talk session. In the quietness of my office, I take a few moments to reassure myself.

I consider each challenge I face and affirm that I have a specific skill set to counteract it. This exercise keeps me connected to my deep-rooted strengths. My self-belief grows stronger when I take the time to talk to myself about my abilities.

Positive reinforcement keeps negativity away from my life.

Whenever I feel doubt coming on, I retreat and meditate. Those moments renew my determination because I focus on my potential. When I remind myself of the force that I am, doubt quickly subsides.

I avoid taking others’ negative opinions of my abilities to heart. Giving too much consideration to external perspectives can cause negativity to fester.

In order to continue to be successful, I celebrate my talents and innate gifts. Giving those talents the authority to shine makes me a winner.

Positive Energy & Affirmation Exercise For Athletes

When you're anxious, under pressure, or simply want to start the day or moment off well, repeat the following to yourself internally and out loud, then slap yourself on the back or give yourself an air fist pump to clinch the deal.

Today, positive energy thrives in my life when I pat myself on the shoulder. I am a firm believer in embracing my true strengths. I am committed to using affirmative self-talk to drive me to achieve greatness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some positive, uplifting things I can tell myself to feel courageous?

2. How do I maintain a positive mindset after being discouraged by others?

3. How often do I turn to others for encouragement when I feel doubtful?

When you say positive things to yourself, you stop negative energy from getting through.

When we are pressed for time, we may begin to doubt our talents. Affirmative self-talk reconnects us to our own talents. "I am a high achiever because I tell myself, "I am capable," says Amrita Basu, a writer and businesswoman. Amrita, further quotes, "I am determined to use positive self-talk to propel myself to greatness. When I take the time to speak to myself about my skills, my self-belief gets stronger."

As part of the SwimBikeRun Fun Crew team, we highly recommend Affirmattive self-talk to get your through multisport training and triathlon, duathlon, aquabike, and long distance cycling events). Here is a simple way how to start: Withdraw and meditate whenever you sense doubt creeping in. Tell yourself you got this, you a boss and that you are enough. Those times will re-energise you because they will help concentrate on your potential.



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