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PinkStrong Women's
Sprint Duathlon
Running Festival

MARCH 26, 2023

Calling all female athletes, runners and cyclists, new and experienced. Are you ready for your next epic outdoor challenge? Say yes to Adventure and get ready for the PinkStrong Woman’s Only Austin Duathlon Running Festival, being held on March 26, 2023 at the scenic Lakeway City Park tucked in the Austin Hill Country. This is an epic opportunity where you and your fiends can reach new goals in your multisport, running and cycling journeys. Prove to yourself you have what it takes and boldly step up to the line on race day!


Our duathlon races will begin with a 1.5 mile run as the first leg. After a speedy transition to your bike, you will cycle the next 10 miles on a 2 loop course on monitored open roads. The last leg of the race you will be running approximately 2.5 miles to the finish line.


You can run this either individually or grab your bestie for our two person duathlon relay team option. Our 5K Fun Run Course will traverse inside of the park with amazing views. Nothing you or your crew can’t get through together!

PinkStrong events are amazing places to meet more active women like you in your area, who are just as passionate and dedicated to fitness and health as you are. If you don’t have a crew of ladies to run or cycle with, you sure will after attending the PinkStrong Woman’s Only Running Festival and other PinkStrong events.


We want all female athletes to feel like they have a place to be strong and compete. All women runners and cyclists alike of all skill levels deserve to be able to feel like they are empowered and encouraged to achieve their goals in their sport.

We love to see athletes go out hard and unleash their full potential. It’s always thrilling and inspiring to see. We also love to see new athletes attend our races. If you have never ran or cycled in a race in your life, we hope to see you on race day and help you run and cycle through a good first race.


Every woman has the potential to boldly go from zero to SHERO on day one! Races are amazingly, thrilling ways to say yes to adventure, as well as be out in nature and get active.


Both your body and your mind will thank you for taking the call to adventure and running at the Austin’s ONLY Woman’s Only MULTISPORT EVENT, the Lakeway Duathlon Trail Running Festival, in April. Be BOLD and say yes to this amazingly awesome adventure! We hope to see you all there! We do offer team and club discounts- just send us a quick message.




PinkStrong Duathlon

Say YES to adventure. ​Duathlons are a form of triathlon in some ways in that it takes out the swim leg of the race and replaces it with another running leg.  Duathlons are races consist of a run, followed by a bike, and finished with a run. PinkStrong's Lakeway Duathlon Trail Running Festival will take place in the Austin's Lake Travis hill country area. The course is filled with peacefully scenic views of the lake, marina, deer, butterflies and eclectic lake homes.

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What to Expect

PinkStrong events are great places to meet more women like you in your area, who are just as passionate about fitness and health. This is the perfect event for your sporty crew of friends to get out and get at it.  Come on out, BE BOLD, and challenge yourself to the complete the  PinkStrong Lakeway Duathlon or 5K Trail Run Challenger Course. 

[Beginner Clinics & Finish lines Festival Included] 

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PinkStrong DU/RUN Course

Duathlon race starts out with the first leg of the race being a 1.5 mile run.  Quick transition to your bike where you will cycle approx 10 miles on a 2 loop course on monitored open roads. The last run leg will be an approximately 2.5 mile run to the finish line on a paved trail. (2 Person Team Relay Options)

5K Challenger Trail Course on mixed terrain with a few single track up hill climbs.

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"Camaraderie, Friendly environment, safe rides, and good shepherding around hazards. I adore SBR Fun Events in every way! They are VERY WELL ORGANIZED, from the entertainment to the course, the volunteers, and the location. And they give you the advice you need to complete your first duathlon or long-distance ride. With them, I completed my first duathlon and the longest distance to date, and I had an amazing time each event."

Race Particpant Feedback

PinkStrong Sprint Duathlon
5K Trail Run Challenge
Lakeway Event

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