Rockstar Volunteers Wanted


We are looking for energetic, kind souls, dream-makers and runners who would like to give back to the running community as a volunteer rockstar.


When you volunteer at our events, you are awarded comped entries on any future race, you qualify to win prizes & special swag, exclusive end of year soiree party and a whole lot more!


Witness inspirational athletes of all ages and abilities execute their training by toeing the line on race day.  You will be inspired  & the most appreciated person out there!



Witness inspirational athletes of all ages and abilities execute their training by toeing the line on race day.  You will be inspired  & the most appreciated person out there!

SwimBikeRun Fun Needs Volunteers

We are looking for rockstars & runners who want to help & give back into the running community. Willing to be a volunteer extraordinaire & help us out at our upcoming new events in the Austin area

Join Our Volunteer Crew.

We are a team of runners, cyclists, & triathletes looking to change the running scene in Austin by offering new race themes, smaller women-only events, multisport and outdoor clinics.

We really need some runners who know their way around races to come hang with us on race day and be a part of making dreams come true for local athletes.

Covid Policy & Social Distancing

We want you to feel safe volunteering with us. We have made it our business to have precautions in place to protect our volunteers.


Careful thought has gone into set up, tear down, aid station setup and disinfecting all touch points.  Masks provided and improved processes to limit exposure. 

Our plan for social distancing also includes limiting race field, corral/wave race starts and visual cones/flags/dots on ground to show safe distances. 

Be Amazing!
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    Cheer Stations

    Cheer stations are greatest for setting a supportive, positive and exciting mood. Cheer station volunteers should be loud, energetic. & encouraging.

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    Course Marshal

    Course marshals will be responsible for remaining on the route to identify hazards, keep racers on the course and offer them encouragement.

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    Event Set-Up & Tear-Down

    Volunteers will be needed to help with the site set up, course marking, & tear-down and clean-up of the event site.

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    Finish Line/Post-Race

    Responsibilities include high-fiving, setting up and organizing medals. Also will be responsible, collecting race chips, and distributing food and water.

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    First Aid Stations

    Volunteers with a background in first aid/medical fields willing to run the station and able to react to an injury in the quickest and most appropriate way.

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    Volunteer floaters offer extra help and assistance and can asked to take over a position if someone doesn't show up.

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    Information Booth

    Information booth volunteers provide people with informational material, answer questions, or point them in the right direction on race day.

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    Event photographers will capture every aspect of your event, giving event participants and volunteers more to remember.

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    Race Crew Captain or Supervisor

    Someone with a clear head, an air of authority, and a good eye to supervise arears/volunteers. Able to help us gather the troops to keep event on track and adjust to unexpected changes. Know how to use walkie-talkies & bull horns.

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    Race Package Pickup

    Volunteers will be responsible for assembling and passing out the athlete bibs & bags.

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    Sponsor/Tri Club Coordinator

    Sponsor & Club Coordinator will work closely with helping businesses and teams attend and setup at events

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    Volunteer Swim Course (Start/Finish)

    Volunteers help maintain the safety and order of the swim course. Volunteers assigned to the start line will corral, line up, and direct athletes. Those at the finish will help pull the athletes from the water, direct them toward transition, and may help with wet suit peeling (if applicable). Volunteers in this position should prepare to get wet and bring extra dry clothes.

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    Volunteer Transition Area/ Body Marking

    Body Marking/Transition volunteers will mark athletes with their bib number on each arm and their age on the back of the right leg prior to the beginning of the event and assist athletes/monitor flow of transition area.

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    Water/Aid Stations

    Volunteers will be responsible for handing out water/food to the racers.

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