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33 Best Beginner Triathlon Tips From Successful Triathletes

Most of us on our team remember what it was like when we were first starting in our triathlon journey and getting a few sprint races under our belt. After chatting a bit, we quickly realized that we all made the same beginner triathlon mistakes. If you are a triathlon/duathlon beginner, we can almost guarantee you’ve committed at least 3 of these beginner triathlon training mistakes. Top 10 Mistakes Beginner Triathletes Make
Would you like to know what came up in our conversation? Here is the list of our "offenses" we committed as beginner triathletes, early in our triathlon/duathlon journey: Having a training schedule that does not fit your life Training alone Placing too much value on race wheels (gear) Not practicing transitions Go out on group rides not knowing the route Failing to have a flat repair kit Unfamiliar with how to change a tire Not using sunscreen Wearing underwear with our cycling or tri shorts Compared our results to others on Strava in a not so good way We only need to do one thing to get better at triathlons…. Train consistently -- this & only this -- will give you your biggest gains. Pick one thing or sport to focus on at a time. Those micro gains will quickly build into a giant snowball of success. We’ve asked some members of our Tribe to share their best triathlon training/racing tips and top advice for beginners in multisport. Our goal is to share them with you weekly and this week we have the round table of advice collected during a past season’s ending brunch celebration. 33 Best Beginner Triathlon Tips
From Real Female Triathletes For those new to the sport, competing in a triathlon can be a daunting task. But with the right tips and tricks from experienced athletes, you can get to the starting line feeling confident and prepared. Here are 33 of the best beginner triathlon tips from successful triathletes. Here is the list of 33 triathlon training tips that have given us successful results - that we want to share with you all Don’t ignore strength training or core exercises Hydration. Rule of thumb 1 bottle per hour of riding When it comes to Kits, tri & cycling clothing - *tight is right* Lube up!!! You lady bits will thank you. If you want to improve your #strength, you must focus on developing strength. If you want to improve your #endurance, you must focus on endurance. Try to warm up your shoulders and arms before swimming Increase your mileage and speed incrementally to avoid burnout and injuries Know the rules of the road & group ride etiquette Rinse before getting in the pool Nutrition - Always pack extra Always wear a helmet Drive/Ride the course beforehand. At minimum use Google earth to get a sense of where you will be riding on race day. If you are sweating crusty white stuff, that is a sign usually of dehydration If you want to get better at #running, you must practice running. Never open water swim alone If you want to develop #power and #speed, you must exercise in a fashion that best improves speed. Get a bike fit when you can afford one. Carry money & ID. Have a flat repair kit: tube, levers, CO2 cartridges inflator, and multi-tool. You will not PR every training session, nor every race - and that’s okay. Learn how to change gears on your bike. They will save you on hills. Know your route when running/cycling with groups in case you get dropped. Walking is A-Ok and don’t be ashamed if you have to walk a bit. Tennis shoes a half to one size larger helps prevent blisters If you want to get better at #swimming, you must practice swimming. Learn how to change a flat. Check out your local bike shop or YouTube video. Practice. Practice. Ride with a Buddy when out on the open road. You can train all year round with the proper gear Hire a coach if you can afford one, want one to help with a schedule, or teach you a specific technique - but one is not required to be successful at sprint triathlons and duathlons. Buy the good bra. Chlorine destroys swimsuits. Always great to rotate two at a time or have a spare handy. It's perfectly A-Ok to wear gloss, waterproof mascara and be matchy-matchy. And it's equally ok to choose not to. Well there you have it - 33 of our best triathlon & duathlon training advice tips for being successful in getting better at swimming, cycling, running and being a badass in multisport!

33 Best Beginner Triathlon Tips From Successful Triathletes
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