Core Strength Routine For Triathletes 

Injury prevention is so important for triathletes. As badass endurance cardio machines who swim, bike, run - we should take time to make sure that we are fitting in strength training and to focus on our core. 


Coach did not create this workout - she adopted it from Oiselle. It’s been excellent for strengthening our core and preventing common endurance athlete issues and injuries - like hamstring pulls, shoulder strains, and IT band tightness.


Here is the quick Dozens Core Routine we recommend & you can do it anywhere without equipment. 

Dozen Core Exercises

Thank Osille for this solid core routine! We always come back to this workout when I'm training.


Here it is:

  1. 30-60x Bicycle abs

  2. 25x push-up side plank

  3. 15x/ea. leg, back bridge

  4. 30x/ea horizontal & vertical ab scissors

  5. 30sec prone plank

  6. 15x/ea leg, fire hydrant

  7. 10s /leg side plank leg raise (leg lifts for bonus)

  8. 10-15x donkey ext.

  9. 10-15x V-ups

  10. 10. 5 ea (across fwd, ext) prone knee thrust

  11. Standing glute isos, 30s hold + 5 pulse front & back

  12. Push-up pyramid. 10, 9, 8,...

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