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5 Important Benefits of Joining A Triathlon Club

Triathlon can be considered a solo sport on race day, however getting ready to complete in a triathlon doesn’t have to be. Becoming a member of a local or online triathlon club brings unlimited range of blessings and benefits - especially for new & inspiring triathletes. In addition to group training opportunities, the fun and camaraderie are invaluable. The payoff is big when you are peer learning & sharing your passion for swim-bike-run fun with other athletes. The easiest way to find and join other triathletes is by locating a local club on . 5 Important Benefits of Joining Your Local Triathlon Club 1. Meet New Pals And Training Companions Are you new to triathlon? Or have you been training and racing on my solo? Joining a local triathlon club is the ideal manner to meet like-minded friends and discover new training methods and companions. You'll be surprised by how much you can glean from other members and the pride you will garner from being part of a group and something bigger than yourself. 2. Group Workouts & Meetups Most triathlon clubs offer group workouts, suggested training plans and clinics as a part of their annual membership. Club workouts tend to be fun & motivating and build camaraderie. No person likes to suffer by myself and while you’re going through the same training plan as your teammates, the suffering burn seems to sting less . Training with your club members will make the time pass fast, make your labor feel light and you are liable to push yourself harder than if you had been doing it alone. For sure there are accountability benefits as well - it makes quitting or bailing on a workout NOT an option, which is so easy to do when you are training alone.
3. Peer Coaching & Learning Whether you have got questions on new gear, races or honestly how to fix a flat or put on lube - a person is bound to share their experiences, opinions or provide insight. T When it comes to triathlon there are lots to learn and there's no faster manner to get up to speed then surrounding yourself with extra skilled athletes or people who have been to the rodeo a few times. Because of the technicality of swimming and cycling there are always more experienced triathletes willing to share pointers for you to improve performance and make training & racing easier. 4. Race Day Party There is nothing like seeing your teammates on the course while you race. Whether they’re racing themselves or they're just there to cheer you on, seeing a teammate often gives you the boost and encouragement you may need to keep it moving. Team kits they are everything! They help you spot another member out on the course, give you instant fame from spectators calling out your club as you zoom by and you race better when you are competing in style. [Ok so that last part, we kind of threw that in there from personal experience😁]

And the best part - crossing the finish line - finishing the day with a post race celebration with teammates under the team tent. 5. Tri Club Resources & Member Benefits By joining a triathlon club you get access to various sponsor and race entry discounts. We were pleasantly surprised when we went to our local bike and run shops to find out we enjoy an automatic club discount on gear and services. Many clubs have relationships with online retailers and vendors that have special deals and purchase codes exclusive for club members. Triathlon clubs have annual programs calendars that include hosting informational seminars, skills clinics and immersive camps. Seminars on topics like race fueling, pacing and training hacks can be extremely enlightening. Clinics & seminars put on by the club are great as well because you get the opportunity to ask questions and learn more than if you were simply watching a YouTube video. Open water swim clinics & training session meetups, bike maintenance & tire changing demos and transition clinics are just a few ways clubs can give you a chance to learn, practice and feel more comfortable before race day. There are even clubs that host local and remote training camps. Triathlon camps are designed to provide the perfect training and mock racing atmosphere to take your fitness to a new level in preparation for your big race. By submerging yourself in all things swim-bike-run for a few days and training with others, you will leave the camp a new athlete, regardless what your level of experience was going in. Swim Bike Run Fun Events We want to introduce more multisport events into the Austin area and bring more women and beginners into the triathlon community.

It is our firm belief that you do better when training & racing with friends and that being part of a club is tremendously beneficial. In our quest to increase the duathletes and triathletes in our area we wanted to highlight a great program that one of our local club offers for beginners in the central texas area. Austin Triathlon Club New Triathlete Program SwimBikeRun Fun is based in Austin and we recently had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with current Austin Triathlon Club President, Andrea Fisher to talk to us about their New Triathlete Program . Austin Tri Club, run by a board of comprising of members and Andrea as President, is very passionate about working with new and beginner triathletes.

They do an excellent job of leveraging the experienced triathletes as mentors and pairing them with new members. Andrea, is so passionate about triathlon after a gazillion years since her first triathlon, you get a sense of that in our interview. Having been involved in the Austin Tri scene since the 90's she acts as a bridge of bringing the experienced triathletes and the newbies together for epic training and fun racing.

If you have some time, take a listen to our chat below - she reveals some secret things about the Austin Tri Club Kit.
Austin Tri Club offers a “ New Triathlete Program for people who have considered completing a triathlon but don’t know how to begin, for those on the lookout for a new challenge, or for those who need the motivation of a group to get them across the finish line. Austin Triathlon Club’s New Triathlete Program (NTP) is a structured program led by a dedicated group of club volunteers who offer support and guidance to participants as they work toward the goal of completing their first triathlon.” Is The Program Really For Beginners? According to their website, “The New Triathlete Program will give you all of the resources & peer support you need to complete your first triathlon race no matter your fitness background.

Beginners swimmers are welcomed, although this is not a learn to swim program. The training plan and workouts assigned will accommodate everyone from those going from “Couch Potato to Triathlete” as well as anyone who has prior athletic training. With this program you don’t need to “train” to get ready to train!” How To Register For Austin Tri Club New Triathlete Program To participate in the program, you must be a member of the Austin Triathlon Club. Club dues typically range from $40-50 annually. Once you are a member of the club you can register/apply to be part of the NTP program.

The New Triathlete Program has a limited number of spots and dedicated mentorship and the fee for this program is $99. Learn more about the Austin Triathlon Club

5 Important Benefits of Joining A Triathlon Club
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