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Best Beginner Triathlon Tips From Real Triathlete Erin Truslow

If you are new to the multisport community or a triathlon/duathlon beginner, we can almost guarantee you’ve committed at least three of these beginner triathlon training mistakes listed below. You are not alone and we are offering you some of the best beginner triathlete tips to help you stress less, race more, and have all the fun in the world your heart can handle. Top 6 Mistakes Beginner Triathletes Make As beginner triathletes, we realized that most of us at one point in time did the following things in our quest to get better at Tri'ing: Not practicing enough Bricks Doubling up missed workouts Constantly buying gear & gadgets to make you faster Did not eat before/during a long cycling ride & bonked. Underutilized all the gears on your bike Training Plans - use someone else's plan or any free one on the internet that just was not the right fit for you. How many of these mistakes are you guilty of?
YOU only need to do one thing to get better at triathlons…. Train, that means to swim, bike, and run and do it consistently -- this & only this -- will give you your biggest gains. Learning to recover well from hard workouts, making sure you keep up your strength work, and training with others for safety --- are the ancillary activities that will sharpen you. We’ve asked some members of our Tribe to share their best triathlon training/racing tips and top advice for beginners in multisport. Our goal is to share them with you weekly and this week we have the fun-loving break out the horn and the champagne Coach & Triathlete Erin Truslow. We will share her advice, with you in her own words, down below. Best Beginner Triathlon Tips From Real Coach Erin Truslow According to Coach Erin's Big Pistachio website, "She has made every mistake in the books and can help you from making the same". Here is what she also had to share: If you miss a workout, you missed that workout. Period. Stacking your workouts to “make-up” is a bad idea. We miss workouts for a reason, work, illness, family, and that is OK. Just focus on the next workout on the schedule.
Hill workouts are necessary for building strength and eventually speed. No hills where you live? You can replicate these efforts on a Trainer with your bike or on a Treadmill. Or drive to someplace that has hills!
I recommend Yoga for stretching and encourage you to stretch/roll out as often as you can - especially after big workouts. Coach Erin Truslow is the Head Nut over at Big Pistachio Coaching & Racing check her out online or look for her at your next triathlon or cycling event - she is usually the one having the most fun with her bullhorn and unicorn costume cheering on her athletes are other racers.

Best Beginner Triathlon Tips From Real Triathlete Erin Truslow
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