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How To Cycle Indoors Really Easily Using Zwift

Indoor Cycling has so many things to offer cyclists and triathletes. Train at home, whether rain or shine, dinner time or dawn - you can still log your miles. Thinking about getting ready to start riding with Zwift ? It's so awesome - it's like a video game animated by real life cyclists with special worlds, clothes, and get this - segments just like Strava . Wondering if you need special equipment to take your cycling and triathlon training indoors? Equipment Needed Indoor Cycling Training & Zwift There are three basic things you'll need to use zwift as part of your indoor training plan. Some of this may seem overwhelming, but don't worry, SwimBikeRun Fun Club Coaches are here to assist! Trainer Bike Device/App *Bonus Accessories* Let's break this down in segments 🚴‍♀️ Trainer You will require a compatible supported bike Trainer . This is what holds your bike stationary. In many cases, it will also provide Zwift with the information the app requires to move you in-game and allow you to ride with Zwifters from all over the world. Bike Second, you'll require a bicycle. Zwift has a list of Bikes that they are setup to support and helps assists you in determining which bikes work best with Zwift and setting up the correct wheel size and bike base. Devices Finally, but not least, you'll need an Internet-connected device (computer/tablet) to run Zwift on. They support and provide a list of devices, tablets, phones, and operating systems . It's worth noting that the Zwift app does require a paid subscription, but they do provide a trial period for you to try things out. Bonus Bike Accessories If you want to go beyond a basic setup, consider adding some of these items to improve your Zwift experience. Heart Rate Monitors Speed and/or Cadence Sensor Power Meter Smart Trainer Even though we recommend most of these bonus accessory items for the maximum Zwift indoor training experience, you can use the classic trainers with a basic speed sensor and you will knock out your miles just the same. Extra Zwift Facts for Triathletes & Cyclists 🚴‍♀ Dumb trainers aka classic trainers work just fine with Zwift. Keep in mind they won’t give you the full Zwift experience or be as accurate as smart trainers.
🚴‍♀️ If you can mount a bike with a speed sensor on it, almost any trainer will work with Zwift.

🚴‍♀️ You don't need a power meter. If you set-up your trainer correctly Zwift will estimate your power watts -

🚴‍♀️ Make sure you have a fully-inflated tire (typically 100 PSI)

🚴‍♀️ Properly-tightened trainer tension knob to ensure your bike stays looked in and upright.

🚴‍♀️ Make sure you have a trainer mat under your bike to prevent slips and falls.

How To Cycle Indoors Really Easily Using Zwift
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