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Comprehensive Beginner Training Plan for Sprint Triathlon Busy Adults

This well-structured training program is tailored specifically for novice or time-constrained triathletes gearing up for their inaugural Sprint distance triathlon. With a countdown of just 12 weeks until the event, the plan is designed for individuals capable of swimming 200 meters/yards with breaks, cycling for 30 minutes, and running for 15 minutes—albeit not necessarily all in a single day. The systematic progression of the plan aims to prepare participants for race day, enhancing both fitness levels and confidence.


This goal-oriented plan is crafted to optimize success in your target event while ensuring a balanced allocation of time for family, friends, and career.

The average weekly training commitment stands at 3 hours and 43 minutes, with the peak week requiring 4 hours and 53 minutes. This inclusive plan features two swimming sessions, two cycling sessions, two to three running sessions, and an optional 45-minute strength and conditioning session (complemented by our free Strength & Conditioning guide).

Typically, participants engage in one workout per day, allowing for a rest day each week.

Sprint Triathlon Beginner Training Plan (12wk +Strength)

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