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Sprint Training Plan

Couch-2-Triathlon Training Plan designed exclusively for all #SwimBikeRunFun fitness levels, busy professionals, and moms to help train for sprint triathlons efficiently, and remain injury-free - all the while. 

The main goal is for you to enjoy your workouts, feel energetic, get fit & healthy, and be rewarded on the race day when you cross one of our event finish lines.


Triathlon Transition Set-up 

Transition Layout Diagram Invaluable for Race Day Preparation. Bonus Race Day Gear Packing Checklist also included.


Open Water Swimming Tips

OWS Guide for beginners created by Casey Arendt, head coach of Go the Distance Coaching. Many beginner triathletes have used this to improve their swimming and to prep for race day with great results. 


Beginner Triathlon Gear Checklist

The Right Gear for First Time Triathlete is very basic and inexpensive.


Your first triathlon can be accomplished with a minimum amount of equipment.  Most of us already have the equipment we need to train for and complete a triathlon.

Click on the download link infographic of the minimum required equipment to complete your first triathlon

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