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7 Essential Things Beginner Triathletes Need For Sprint Triathlons

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

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First Sprint Triathlon Tips: What GEAR Do You Need?

Swimming, biking, and running all seem so simple, but put them together, throw in the space in between, and the gear requirements can start to look like a month-long trek up Everest.

But fear not: Here’s a list of the absolute necessities to get from starting gun to finish line without hauling a small town or having to sell blood.

If you're thinking about doing a sprint triathlon, this whole "cult of the aerodynamic" can be intimidating at first. However, you don't need to spend a bunch of money on triathlon-specific gear to do a triathlon. It's more than likely that you already have most of the equipment you'll need.

Here you'll find a basic gear list that has everything you need to get across a sprint triathlon finish line. (Running shoes not included because - come on - we all have a pair of those 😁)

7 Essential Gear Every Triathlete Needs For Sprint Triathlons

1 ► Swim Cap

2 ► Swim Suit

3 ► Goggles

4 ► Helmet

5 ► Bike {any bike with 2 wheels & brakes👌}

6 ► Water Bottle

7 ► $50 - 100 {to register for a local race}

SwimBikeRunFun 7 Essential Gear Every Triathlete Needs For Triathlon Infographic
Essential Gear Every Triathlete Needs For Triathlon Infographic

A cap & shades will top you off but we figure you have a pair those already in your possession if you thinking about doing your first triathlon.

You may already have all or some of things on our 7 Essentials Sprint Triathlon Gear List in your possession. Grab them, a buddy and get out and have some fun training.

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