Best Way To Train For Triathlons & Duathlons

What Beginner Triathlete & Duathletes Need To Know

Most new athletes entering the sport of triathlon come as a runner, cyclist, swimmer and are complete rookies to endurance sports. The major training key to be successful in the sport of triathlon/duathlon is Brick Training. Probably a term or new concept foregin to the beginners who have signed up for a bucket list Ironman or registered for their local triathlon or duathlon race.

What is Brick Training?

Brick Training is when you perform 2 or more disciplines in succession. We view it as the workout you'll want to incorporate into your weekly training routine to be successful on race day.

Bricks, is what we call it when you combine two of the three triathlon/duathlon sports in a single workout - they properly prepare you for the changing demands on the body of each sport and play an one of the most important roles in your race-day success.

Body Responses To Switching Sports in Triathlon/Duathlon?

Lead legs, heavy as a brick, feels like you are running through peanut butter. Some of the references that athletes in our tribe use to describe going from swimming horizontally without excessive leg movements to being vertical on the bike, which is largely reliant on your leg muscles, can be particularly jolting for the body and dizzying for your cranium.

Similarly, while the pedaling on the bike may be similar to the motions performed on the run, triathletes/duathletes often share that the first few times they have an unsteady feeling underfoot when they transition from bike to run and their legs feel like cement blocks.

"When you switch disciples right away, your mind & body is confused and doesn't like huge changes in demand on it’s nervous functions and your major limbs, so the brain has to tell your body - it’s okay you can do it - here is the command to go be great," says Camille Baptiste, a triathlete & race director for SwimBikeRunFun Events . "Your body adapts through training - It's one of those things where practice makes perfect and over time your body is so familiar wi