60 Motivational Affirmations For Recovering Injured Athletes (Runners, Cyclists & Triathletes)

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Injured Runner/Cyclist/Triathlete in wheelchair  & on crutches
Recovering from Major Leg Surgery

What do most of you do when you have injured yourself while training or at a race event?

You connect with a friend who has suffered the same injury, or throw up a post in your favorite facebook group seeking advice/help for a quick recovery.

I am no different.

Last year in 2020 - I had major surgery on my right leg to repair all my hamstring muscles and mend some serious glute tears.

It's been about 6 months now. But I went into some dark places physically and mentally and I just decided to pick up the phone and connect with Sharon who I knew was still recovering from back, hip and elbow surgery one Sunday afternoon.

She shared it all. As I listened intently- I found myself nodding as I spoke to Sharon, a running & cycling buddy of mine about her comeback from a serious car crash she had while cycling.

When she revealed she fired her Physical Therapist and Airrosti person and took matters into her own hands - she had my full attention.

She reached a point in her PT journey where she plateaued, and while scratching for solutions was shocking told: "If you lost some weight your life would be better".

She immediately *FIRED* her therapy team and their Rehab plan for her was scrapped.

She came to a point that she needed to do things differently for herself and she enlisted the services of a personal coach, signed up to talk with a psychologist, rejoined her local Camp Gladiator & sat down and created her own rehab plan along with a vision board of running & racing goals she would like to achieve.

As she told me about her "rehab vision board" she created a few months ago, my own leg was getting numb from sitting too long and getting ready to what I call - go *offline*.

I asked - were all of those drastic changes really necessary? She said yes, here's why....

Every time she started back at running or cycling - she was constantly defeated by mental and physical limitations, new niggles & injuries caused by pushing it too early/hard or pain from reconstructive surgery that just never went away or healed properly.

She even tallied that her attempts to get back to her normal “Active-lifestyle” had rejected her entry or reentry over 16 times.

But she was determined...come hell or high-water - she kept going, never giving up, making the hard choices to find ways to heal and get back to the activities that brought her joy and peace - running and cycling.

She was so choked with emotions she began to sob and talk and oddly - smile with joy at the same time. I was misty eyed at this point as well.

Sounds weird - but close your eyes and imagine your best running buddy sharing an experience with you.

I felt all of her emotions--with all of my heart and current physical state. Lawdy, I did - I felt it like a California tremor.

A Runner/Cyclist's

Secret Formula To Recover From Injury

Sharon is fully active again and has reversed the perils of being involved in a car crash while cycling. I asked her the following questions: How did she do it?….

How did she keep going?...

What motivated her?

Her Response: Affirmations and a calendar.

If you have a scrunched up look on your face - I did as well.

Sharon had written affirmations on pink, yellow and green post-it notes in three places.

She used her vision board to create a big collage of her hiking, running, cycling and doing Camp Gladiator with friends.

From there she looked at the pictures and started to just write goals and affirmations on the post-its.

Motivational Affirmations For Athletes Post-it Reminders

She then put it in the 3 most important places for he to constantly be encouraged, inspired and remind her of her why when motivation is low.

  1. Bathroom mirror

  2. Her desk