60 Motivational Affirmations For Recovering Injured Athletes (Runners, Cyclists & Triathletes)

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Injured Runner/Cyclist/Triathlete in wheelchair  & on crutches
Recovering from Major Leg Surgery

What do most of you do when you have injured yourself while training or at a race event?

You connect with a friend who has suffered the same injury, or throw up a post in your favorite facebook group seeking advice/help for a quick recovery.

I am no different.

Last year in 2020 - I had major surgery on my right leg to repair all my hamstring muscles and mend some serious glute tears.

It's been about 6 months now. But I went into some dark places physically and mentally and I just decided to pick up the phone and connect with Sharon who I knew was still recovering from back, hip and elbow surgery one Sunday afternoon.

She shared it all. As I listened intently- I found myself nodding as I spoke to Sharon, a running & cycling buddy of mine about her comeback from a serious car crash she had while cycling.

When she revealed she fired her Physical Therapist and Airrosti person and took matters into her own hands - she had my full attention.

She reached a point in her PT journey where she plateaued, and while scratching for solutions was shocking told: "If you lost some weight your life would be better".

She immediately *FIRED* her therapy team and their Rehab plan for her was scrapped.