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How Do You Commit to Your Triathlon Training Plan?

Whose In Charge - Your Mind or Your Body?

How often do you hear people say “I’m just not motivated” or “I just don’t feel like it”. Especially when it comes to triathlon training and juggling a swim bike run schedule during a peak week.

It's so easy to sleep in and cuddle with the bed. It's getting cooler, and darker earlier each day. When it approaches this time of year...we simply don't feel like getting out the bed to go train.

Running in the cold, Cycling with chill in the air or putting on layers to get to the gym to go swim can be a mental hurdle to overcome.

Listen, if we always did what we felt like doing, we probably wouldn’t get very far in life. We’d never keep a job.

We’d probably have a hard time keeping a boyfriend, much less a husband. Think of all the important events we wouldn’t go to, that we should have – just because we “didn’t feel like it”.

Think of the things we’d say that should never come out of our mouth. Seriously, think of the friends we’d lose! I will own this mouth at times moves faster then my brain 🤪

Doing what our body WANTS to do is rarely a good thing – and while we use some control in many parts of our lives, we treat our body differently and break all the rules.

When it comes to workouts, I rarely want to do it – but, like many other things in life, I do what I need to do whether I feel like it or not because it’s the right thing to do.

Why should I treat my body any differently than my job, my spouse or my friend. I’d like to keep it for a while right? Then I need to treat it right – whether I feel like it or not.

Triathlon Training can be both rewarding and at times engrossing. I believe that something in better than nothing and invoke the: just do it and do what I can with the time that I have. It works every time and I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER AFTER.

Make This Your Week’s Commitment:

Decide today to quit making decisions based on feelings. Your workout is an important job that needs to be done – and it pays really well.

Show Up.

Do It.

Be Proud.

Enjoy the Reward

It’s that Simple.

That Triathlon race isn't going to train for it self. Get out and get your walk, spin, swim, bike, run and strength training done!

Find an accountability partner or arrange to meetup with a friend for your next training session.

An accountability partner is someone you've got to report back to if you fall asleep on your exercise routine. Having to call your sister whenever you skip the gym isn’t by itself getting to keep you on task, but it can provide that tiny extra little bit of encouragement you would like to stay with it on days when your will is waning.

Even better than an accountability partner may be a gym buddy. Find someone who is into an equivalent exercises or on the same triathlon training plan as you, and shares your commitment to staying healthy.

Hopefully this person is going to be more motivated than you're, but if they’re not, don’t worry. You’d be surprised just how big of a difference it can make within the future .

You'll really deepen and strengthen a friendship you have already got or build a replacement one.



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