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Hitting the Road: How to Prepare for a Major Biking Expedition

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It’s time to live what adventure magazines constantly depict—an escape from your daily routine on an exciting long-distance bicycle ride. Whether you’ve signed up for a bike race, are going mountain biking, or hitting the trails on your bike, you want to live the thrill of conquering every stretch of the journey on a bike you trust. The right preparation is vital, however, or your dependent relationship with your bicycle will end before it even begins.

You’re likely aware of the basics of cycling on short-distance journeys. But certain tips need to be followed if you’re to have a successful long-distance cycling escapade. SwimBikeRun Fun Events shares a few important tips to remember during your next expedition.

Pick Your Bike

An essential step is picking the right bicycle for your long-distance tour. Research what kind of bike would best suit your journey, taking into account such ride-affecting variables as size, weight and height of the cycle. Be sure to try out your candidate bikes before selecting the final one that will accompany you on your exciting endeavor.

Plan Your Route

Invest in planning the right route for you and your newly picked bike; the weather, the distance, and the terrain of the route are all factors that will either make or break your trip. Consider what you might encounter and plan accordingly, using long-distance bicycle road maps to guide you. Last but not least, make sure you’re in good enough shape to handle the worst-case weather scenario on your route during your trip, not to mention the grueling distance.

Train Beforehand

BikeRadar recommends being smart about the exercise routines you adopt—ideally suited for future long-distance cycling—while eating a nutrient-rich diet will help whip your body into shape. Consuming the right amount of calories per day, heaping your plate with carbohydrates and drinking enough water are other key fitness tips to follow. Indeed, experts recommend you drink seven to 10 ounces every 10 to 20 minutes to stay hydrated during rigorous training sessions.

Home Security

In your giddiness to start your long-awaited trip, don’t overlook ensuring your home and belongings will be safe during your absence. Lock all windows and doors before leaving, store your car in the garage, adjust the thermostat, and make sure all smoke detectors work and have new batteries in case tragedy strikes.

It may also be prime time for upgrading your property’s security. Tasks like putting better locks on your doors and windows, or even installing a smart technology security system, are beneficial come time to sell your home. Prospective home buyers list home security as one of their top items they deem important, according to Realty Times, which will likely lead to a faster sale as well as a higher appraisal value. Be sure to save receipts to give your appraiser when the time comes.

Don’t Ignore Itinerary Details

Planning your bicycling route might have been tricky but you did it. However, don’t ignore the trip details of actually getting to and from your destination. Checking your bike at an airport, for example, might be a big hassle so research transportation policies regarding it. Bicycling magazine points out that some airlines charge separate bike fees ranging from $30 to $300 each way, depending on your carrier and destination. Be sure you’ve inquired and double-checked on all details of your trip, pre- and post-bicycling journey. This is the smartest way to travel.

Make arrangements at the office

Your focus on vacation should be the priority so you can be fully present in your explorations, especially if you’re traveling with family and friends. However, help make this happen, ensure that everyone in the office knows what their roles are while you’re away. Delegate tasks to employees you can trust, inform clients that you’re going to be away for a little while, and leave an emergency number in case something comes up that only you can handle. By doing this, you’ll be able to take your mind off work and enjoy your adventure.

Your long-distance cycling expedition will uplift your spirits tremendously, while giving your body an intense and amazing workout. From day one of planning, consider it a challenge for your mind, body and spirit, but also loads of fun. With these easy-to-follow tips, you’re certain to have a thrilling time.

This article is brought to you by SwimBikeRun Fun Events, which has proudly hosted and participated in many running, triathlon, cycling, duathlon and swimming meetups. Our events are truly unforgettable boutique events that celebrate fitness, health, growth, and friendships! For more information, please contact us today!



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