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Event Rainy Day Strategies for Cycling & Triathlon Races

triathlete or cyclist riding in the rain on a road bike on wet road
Riding in the Rain is Possible

Rainy Cycling & Triathlon Race Days are a bummer but not the end of the world.

So, race day dawns and you're greeted by the unwelcome sight of rain splattering on your window. Don't let it dampen your spirits! Here's how to adjust your approach and dominate your endurance cycling event or triathlon race when the skies open up.

Gear Up for the Elements:

We recommend you give your bike a quick 5 min inspection - checking the brakes, lights, and shifters.

  • Waterproofing is Key: Invest in a high-quality fitted rain jacket, pants, and shoe covers. Staying dry will improve comfort and prevent chafing.

  • Tire Talk: Double-check your tire pressure to avoid pesky flats – a bigger risk on slick roads. Lower tire pressure to avoid skidding. Consider using wider tires with deeper treads for better grip if possible.

  • Lubrication is Liberation: Wetness attracts rust. Pre-lubricate your chain and other moving parts to ensure smooth operation throughout the race.

Mastering the Wet Ride:

  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Reduce your speed significantly. Rain decreases visibility and braking efficiency. Take corners with caution and avoid sudden maneuvers.

  • Shine Bright, Like a Diamond: Stand out! Wear bright-colored clothing with reflective elements. Consider adding front and rear lights for maximum visibility.

Be a Road Warrior:

  • Beware of Hidden Dangers: Puddles can mask potholes and other hazards. Scan the road ahead and adjust your line to avoid them.

  • Hydration Hero: Don't let the wetter/cooler weather fool you – stay hydrated! Pack waterproof containers with your favorite sports drink and snacks to maintain energy levels.

Triathlon Transition Area with Bikes covered for rain protection
Triathlon Transition Area

Triathlete Transition Setup:

  • Day Before/Overnight Check-in: Don't leave your shoes or transition bag out. You can place your transition bag into a waterproof or large black garbage bag to prevent soaking.

  • Bike Seat: If you have a padded seat, cover it with a grocery bag. It will prevent chafing and squishy riding.

Embrace the Challenge:

A rainy cycling event or triathlon race day can be an opportunity to showcase your adaptability and grit. Focus on maintaining good form and use this experience to hone your skills as a cyclist or triathlete. Remember, with the right preparation and a positive attitude, you can conquer the elements and achieve your race goals! Check out our other post: 10 Tips for Cycling on Wet Roads: Stay Safe and Confident


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