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Breaking News: USAT Membership Updates & Controversy

Updated: May 13

In a noteworthy development impacting a significant portion of the multisport community, USA Triathlon (USAT) recently unveiled updates to its membership structure, evoking varied reactions from athletes and enthusiasts nationwide.

Many of our subscribers and team leads are integral parts of age groups Team USA program, active sprint & long-course triathletes, aspiring triathletes, and/or runners, cyclists, and swimmers devoted to relay teams. Given that over 50% of multisport races are insured by USAT, it is imperative to share the recent pricing updates that will influence registration costs for a substantial number of races across the nation. Notably, SBR Fun Events, Cal Tri Event USA Series, and additional RDs are exceptions to this change. When you participate in our races, additional one-day or annual memberships are not required. Our pricing model ensures affordability, coupled with full event and athlete insurance coverage during your race.

USAT Balances Membership Levels & Controversy

Image Credit USAT Membership Update Press Release

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the situation.

The Good:

USA Triathlon (USAT) recently unveiled a comprehensive overhaul of its membership structure, introducing Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers. This revamp aims to cater to the diverse needs and ambitions of multisport athletes, offering different price points and benefits for each tier—a substantial update, the first since 2016.

The Really Good:

One-day license/membership fees for relay teams saw a reduction from $15 to $6 per person. Consequently, a three-person relay team that previously faced an additional $45 cost will now only incur $18. Sprint distance athletes also benefit, with fees reduced to $13 from $15.

The Bad:

While the initial changes seemed reasonable, a closer look reveals a significant shift in pricing. The Silver membership, automatically assigned to current members, now costs $60 annually, up from $45/50. The Gold membership, priced at $99, brings additional benefits, including a Zone3 Swim Buoy and goggles. However, the major point of contention arises with the Platinum membership, priced at a staggering $400 per year.

The Ugly:

The Platinum membership sparked a massive backlash, appearing as an immediate prerequisite for athletes aspiring to compete internationally with Team USA. The initial rollout didn't even include the required Team USA kit for World Championships, adding an extra financial burden for athletes.

The Ugliest:

This revelation led to heated discussions and discontent among current and prospective Team USA members and USAT key officials during the scheduled Zoom Townhall meeting. The fallout from the 300 triathlete members in attendance has been nothing short of disastrous, as reported by Slowtwitch. Attendees expressed frustration over the lack of transparency, financial solvency, sudden benefit changes, and argumentative responses from key USA Triathlon personnel.

The Redemption:

In response to the overwhelming backlash and discontent from members, USA Triathlon swiftly issued a retraction and shift in policy update. Recognizing the significant miss in the rollout, especially concerning the controversial Team USA Platinum Membership, the organization expressed its commitment to evolving and working with constituents to address concerns and better serve its mission and members.

As the triathlon community awaits further developments, the evolving situation emphasizes the delicate balance between organizational changes and maintaining trust with its core supporters. USA Triathlon's commitment to addressing concerns signals a positive step toward rebuilding trust within the triathlon community.

The Suggestion:

Members and stakeholders take an active position in helping steer the ship. It's like having 50 people watching 1-2 guys row, offering suggestions like, "Maybe a left turn here would be quicker?" - because teamwork makes the dream work! ⚓😄


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Nie ma jeszcze ocen

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People buying $5000 bikes complaining about $400 is a bit out of touch for some of us.


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That is exactly why I buy one day licenses

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