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Looking Into Buying A Bike? Answer These 3 Questions First Before You Look

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

With so many options and so much information available, purchasing a new bike can often become a complicated task. But don't worry, we have some simple suggestions to get you on the right path.

Let us start with items to consider before looking. You'll save a lot of heartache, time and money if you can answer these questions prior to starting your purchasing journey.

Women on Bikes at Veloway PinkStrong Bike Clinic
PinkStrong Brick Clinic Riders (Veloway)

1- What is your budget?

If the American Express black card is in play, then a budget conversation may be irrelevant. If you want the most value for your money, write down your overall budget. Be sure to factor in all the extra stuff you'll need. This covers a bike fit, pedals (not included), shoes, helmet, pants, gloves, and so on. Pricey bikes are lighter and more advanced. But, if you're just starting off, that's not the priority.

2. How good are you at riding now?

You must be honest with yourself. If you used to bike but haven't in ten years, you're not quite the same as someone who cycles outside every week. If you are new to road riding, seek a decent-quality, affordable "starter bike". For a beginner, an aluminum alloy bike is preferable to a carbon fiber bike since it can take more abuse. One thing to note is that a tricycle or very expensive carbon bike requires a great deal of bike handling and control skills. If you ride often and race, you may always level up your bike by getting lighter wheels and a lighter groupset before buying a new bike.

3. What are your long-term riding goals?

Ride with the kids? Is it to retrain? Regularly join group rides? Is it for racing or multi-day cycling events? These are important questions. You need to ask yourself additional questions if you want to compete in triathlons or participate in gravel or cyclocross competitions. These answers will help determine the type of bike and features like tires that are most appropriate to achieve your riding goals.


Do you have to spend a Gazillion dollars buy or find a decent Road bike?

The answer is no. Check out this great short video:



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