Strong Women Lift Each Other Up In Triathlon

I Get By With Help From My Sisters

“This goes out to all the athletic women & girls out there struggling, feeling weak, unmotivated, tired, sore, recovering from injury, hangry, grumpy, teary-eyed, frustrated, full of doubt or simply trained up with no races to attend…"

Earlier this past summer, I received a message from a future first-time ironman triathlete. She has been totally rocking her triathlon training plan, her swimming skills are advancing, her cycling and run game is on point, but since life happens (and all the junk that comes with it), she got a wave of doubt and began to lose motivation.

Likely that Covid-19 might render her race cancelled - she noticed she was sliding into a mild depression and overall slump.

So she reached out to the rest of our lady-gang tribe for encouragement and help.

It just so happened that I am still recovering from my surgery and recently went into a mild depression when I hurt my leg & I was no longer able to train.

I sent her a private note. Done with her permission, I decided I’d share some of it with you in hopes of giving you some encouragement too.

"You can get through this! Get you azz to the gym or the trails. Triathlon training isn’t just about getting a hot body or rocking an ironman race. It’s about being YOUR best! It’s about being healthy, taking care of the body God gave you. We all have had weak moments and it's normal or par for the course. Nothing is wrong with you.

"You need YOU . Your family NEEDS you to be STRONG for THEM! You need some good vibes dopamine and need to go to the gym or do an outdoor activity to get you pumped and recharge your happy. 

This isn’t just about you, it’s about who you can be for everyone you love and everyone who loves you. The happier you are, the better mom, wife, friend, co-