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Run Faster: 7 Form Tips for Triathletes

7 Running Form Tips for Triathletes, to Run Better & Get Faster, is about quick and easy changes you can make immediately to improve your run performance at your next triathlon. We suggest you work on just 1-2 items on the form list below, so it's easier to track your form improvement and how much you are running faster.

Triathlete Starting the Run Leg Coming out of Transition at Kerrville Triathlon Festival 2022
Triathlete Billie Long Competing in the Kerrville Triathlon
Are you a triathlete looking to run faster and more efficiently off the bike? One way to achieve this is by improving your running form. Here are 7 running form tips for triathletes that can help you run better and get faster:
  1. Look Ahead - keep your eyes on the road ahead to maintain proper body alignment and prevent unnecessary movements.

  2. Lean at Ankles - lean forward at the ankles, not the waist, to create forward motion and conserve energy.

  3. Center of Gravity - keep your center of gravity over your feet to maintain balance and stability.

  4. Arm Movements - swing your arms naturally, keeping them close to your body and bent at a 90-degree angle.

  5. Forward Motion - focus on moving forward, not upward or sideways, to avoid wasting energy.

  6. Relax Your Shoulders - keep your shoulders relaxed to prevent unnecessary tension and conserve energy.

  7. Get Your Form Analyzed - consider getting a form video analysis done to identify areas for improvement and fine-tune your technique. Check out RunLab.

By following these running form tips and getting a form analysis, you can improve your triathlon performance and achieve your goals faster. Start implementing these tips today and see the difference for yourself!



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