Quickly Learn The 4 Basic Swim Strokes That Triathlete Swimmers Should Know

Austin Tri Club Triathlete Swimmer doing free style drill
Austin Tri Club Triathlete Swimmer

While most triathletes swim freestyle in a triathlon, knowing the other basic strokes will greatly improve your swimming efficiency and help you with sighting and navigating open water swim situations during your triathlon race or multi-sport event that has a swim leg.

Want to get better at swimming in triathlons?

Many triathletes join Master swim programs offered usually at their local YMCA, because training with swimmers is the best way to improve their swim technique and speed for competing and participating in aqua bike, swim-run events and triathlon races.

Masters Swim coaches teach technique and interval training to a group of athletes right from the pool deck complete with a swim workout usually posted on a white board.

If you are a beginner triathlete thinking about taking a Master's swim class, you should know that swim workouts can include all IM Strokes, such as free, butterfly, back, and breast stroke.

We have compiled this quick guide on how to learn to do the basic swim strokeA quickly and easily, so that you are not taken off guard and can take part in Master's Swim class without feeling lost.