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Why Trail Running Is So Spectacular - [10 Reasons Why]

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Trail Running Benefits Women Trail Runners Texas

Bored of running your regular routes in the streets? Thinking it's time to mix up your running and walking regime?

Hit the trails for fun and adventure!

Mix Up Your Running By Hitting The Trails

Rather than slogging it out on the boring treadmill, or pounding it out on the hard pavement & roads - trail runners & walkers enjoy their miles on scenic footpaths, beautiful countrysides and parks filled with trees, brooks, wildlife & adventure.

Trail running is perfect for managing mental health, giving your body/bones a break, connecting with nature and plain fun when splashing in mud puddles after a rain.

Trail Running is Spectacular

[👇 10 Reasons Why]

Trail Runner On Trails Image of Feet SBR Fun Events

1. Brain Power Boosted By Trail Running

Traversing and scaling the ups and downs of a trail gets your brain working in a whole new way.

Instead of mindlessly checking out or worrying about your day - you have to focus on the moment and the task at hand to avoid trips, falls, or getting lost. Running on the trails, particularly a more technical route, can be a real boost for the brain.

2. Trail Running Improves Every Element Of Your Fitness

Running on trails and granite foot paths can be better for your overall fitness than the pavement and roads you are currently running all the time.

[Check out our Trail Running Beginners Guide for insider tips if you are new*ish to trail running]. Walking in the wild provides natural ground resistance for improving length strength by running uphills and jumping over tree stumps.

Uneven ground improves ankle strength, flexibility and balance. Runners have to vary stride length to deal with roots and rocks improves agility and coordination.

Running or walking down steep hills improves leg speed and conditions muscles against impact.

Becoming a better runner/walker on the trails will enhance your performance in your races and running on the regular road.

Bonus: It also helps with your breathing and VO2 max stats

3. Running Through Nature Is Great For Mental Health

Running in through your local state park filled with trees, birds, creeks, and paths - can aid your mental wellbeing and give you much-needed headspace.

According to Rees (owner of Wild Running), "Running and walking in a trial setting ups your serotonin levels and pumps endorphins straight into your muscles.

In addition to the positive cognitive function benefit we get from trail running, doctors have documented case studies of runners who have suffered from things like depression, achieve therapeutic benefits by spending time outdoors.”

Black Female Trail Runner - Sheila Humphries - Image credit Hoka One One
Sheila Humphries, Founder - Black Trail Runners

4. It Will Improve Your Balance

Balance! In order to navigate twisty tracks, roots, rocks and rugged slopes, you put a greater demand on your body & brain for coordination & demand more stability control for running on the trails near your home.

To maintain balance, your body naturally engages your core, hips and wakes-up a stack of smaller, stabilizing muscles that rarely get used when you’re on the flat pavements and sidewalks. One lady in our tribe shared that trail running fine-tuned her sense of balance, gave her better body awareness and beautifully strong quads along with a 4-pack set of abs.

5. Every Run Feels Like A Mini Adventure

Want to go on a mini adventure, see beautiful places, find hidden spots right on your doorstep or go on a geocache run, then get on the trails.

Amazing feeling - in fact - there's nothing better than getting lost in a forest filled with singing birds or running up a hill just because it's there to see if it delivers a stunning view.

Trail running paths and park are some fantastic places just waiting to be discovered by you.

Steep Trail Head Climb SwimBikeRun Fun Events

6. Boredom Buster

Running up and down the same streets day after day can get boring. With trail running, you experience different sights, traverse various terrains, and take in different smells with every mile you cover.

Tricia shared that even on the same trails, things look different depending on the weather, time of day, season, and her mood. Besides some of the spectacular views, you never know what wildlife you’ll spot along the way some days.

7. Be One Again with Nature

Today, the majority of runners live in cities and densely populated sub-urban areas. Trail running gives you an excuse to escape for an hour or so,

Running the trails or going for a walk on a scenic trail path is a great way to get you out of the urban jungle & immerse yourself with a simpler landscape.

You probably have been ignoring it - but deep down inside we all have that yearning to reconnect with nature,” says Ceri Rees.

8. Less Pounding On Body & Joints

Grass, mud and earth are kinder to your body than running on hard unforgiving surfaces like, road & sidewalks.

If you are a habitual runner, we suggest it’s time to give your bones a break by swapping concrete for the countryside once in a while.

New runners or those jumping back into the run/walk routine - soft surfaces are a gentle way to ease your body in – there's less impact on your bones.

Proven fact that running on softer trails can also result in less joint pain, and slow general wear and tear of your body.

9. Achievements & Self Accolades

Whenever you run, exercise endorphins always makes you feel good physically and mental afterwards.

Regardless of your age, speed or ability, dealing with hills, tough terrain conditions and doing your best to navigate challenges makes you feel that you have done more than just run from A to B.

According to some sports & fitness professionals, when it comes to trail running - the rewards are bigger and better. Running on trails makes you feel like you have conquered something.

10. Fun & Good Times

Let’s be truthful - trail running when compared to pounding the pavement - is a lot more fun when running in the mud, jumping in puddles and running fast in the woods pretending zombies are chasing you.

While we are here comparing.....trail running has the coolest socks and gaiters.

Female Trail Runners Marking Trail Course For a Ultra SwimBikeRunFun Events

Mix Up Your Running By Hitting The Trails

Willa, recently switched over to trail running since Corona hit the states and shut down all road races. She wanted to race so bad and not lose any of her fitness she built up for her half marathon training.

Searching she found a small trail race between Austin and San Antonio that had a small race field and covid race protocols.

She enjoyed the trail race so much - she decided right then and there - at the finish line she was signing up for the series.

She still trains using the treadmill, soft granite trails and the roads in her neighborhood - she is not comfortable running by herself just yet in the woods trails just outside of town - but she revamped her training and race scheduled to include more trail run and trail races.

So fit friends - we encourage you to mix up your running by hitting the trails for more fun and epic fitness challenges.



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