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Be Race Day Ready | How To Plan & Prepare The Day Before Your Triathlon

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

You've undoubtedly been practicing for your event for weeks and putting in countless hours of effort, so don't let any minor blunders or panics ruin your day. Being prepared in advance will not only make you more peaceful, but it will also make you less likely to forget something vital and have the most fun racing.

We've given a step-by-step packing guide to ensure you're ready the night before your big day, as well as TWO extremely useful training videos for getting ready for a triathlon and packing for a multisport competition.

Quick Race Day Prep Guide

  • Methodically pack your #transitionbag. The night before, go through and pack as much of your gear as possible. Make a race checklist and cross everything off as you go. If your race has a split transition, pack your gear into two bags the night before. It's a good idea to examine the weather prediction as well as what you'll want to wear on the bike and run.

  • Give your Bike a complete visual and physical inspection. Take a final run through the gears, inspect the tires for signs of wear, and ensure your chain is clean and lubricated. Check that everything is properly reassembled if you had to dismantle it for travel. #BikeTip: Make sure it's in the best or easiest possible starting gear for coming out of transition.

  • Get your head right. Visualizations work in calming nerves and getting you race ready. Go over everything in your thoughts, almost as if it were a #mental checklist. Take a seat and give this some thought. If you know the course, go through it step by step as if you were in your race. Consider what you'll be wearing, eating, and drinking at each stage, as well as the route. You can recheck the course online if necessary to help you prepare.

  • Relax. Then it's time to #unwind! Take a bath, shave your legs, read a book, or whatever it is that completes the impression of you being completely prepared for your big race.

Be Race Day Ready | How to Pack Your Race Bag

Getting ready for your upcoming race, the equipment list alone and all the items you need for your tri race bag might seem to be unending, which can be rather intimidating.

With three disciplines to consider, the packing list can appear to be unending, and it can be rather daunting! This is true for all levels of race distances and experience levels.

But don't worry, Fraser is here to remove the guesswork and tension out of packing your tri bag for race day!


We wanted to take some of that worry and stress off your shoulder with this quick packing guide and helpful training videos. Hope it helped and we leave you with the following wishes: May you float, coast and zoom your way to the finish line on race day!

Best of luck on race day!



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Jun 22, 2023

Triatlonliefhebbers verenigt u! Duik in de spannende wereld van multisportuitdagingen, waar passie en vastberadenheid ongelooflijke prestaties aanwakkeren."

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