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Beginner Duathlon & Transition Clinic +5k Event

Updated: May 27, 2021

Duathletes Running Biking Duathlon Clinic

SwimBikeRun Fun’s Duathlon & 5K clinic is geared towards females new to duathlons and inclusive to all aspiring triathletes. Our Du clinic will take athletes through every aspect of racing a duathlon.

Our goal is to educate runners/cyclists on this multisport option for future activities.

And we’re excited to try out some state-of-the-art timing equipment that will allow us to capture timed results for athletes and host a almost free 5K race the same morning.

This clinic event is designed to give a "mini" duathlon experience. Experienced Triathletes & Duathletes will have an opportunity to practice bike-to-run transitions in a safe and fun environment. At this clinic, Duathletes will do a super sprint distance duathlon as well as practice TRANSITIONING from the run to bike to run, a very important aspect to successfully and enjoyably completing duathlons/triathlons.

We will have mentors in transition to provide hands-on help to set up your space and prepare for the race.

This clinic is limited to 15-45 participants and we recommend bringing running gear, towel, cycling gear (helmet, bike, bike shoes, pump) and all the questions you have about the event.

Our Clinic will cover many topics including:

- Event/Race Format (What is a Duathlon and how to do one)

- Setting up your transition area

- Bike equipment

- Basic Duathlon knowledge​ A series of 5 educational videos will be emailed to registrations covering the following

  1. What is a Duathlon (Race Format)

  2. Bike Safety checks

  3. What is transition and how to setup

  4. Run/Walk strategies

  5. Pacing for DU & 5K

Duathlon Clinic + 5K Event Day Details

Duathlon Event Venue Video:

Duathlon Clinic Event Details:

Check in Time: 7:30 AM

Start Time: 8:00 AM - 10 AM

  • Marked course and volunteers at key intersections.

  • We will have restroom access.

  • Super safe venue.

  • Timing will be calculated using the Korego timing system that we are testing out.

  • There will be a transition area, but no racks. We are using transition blocks instead.

  • Water available, but we highly encourage all athletes to be self-sufficient and bring hydration and nutrition. We recommend taking a water bottle on both runs as well as having at least one on your bike.

  • There are no awards, but we will have a bubble finish line & possibly some token medals.

  • Finish line pre packaged snacks if Covid allowed

  • Depending on the guidelines & amount of participants the start may be a Time trial (one by one) of each group with plenty of spacing.

There will be more details a week before the event once we have a better grasp on the number of athletes coming out.

Duathlon Clinic + 5K Routes & Site Maps

Run 5K runners will be able to practice their pacing by doing a 1.5 mile paved trail loop twice with a chip that will record their start/finish times. Route:

Duathlon Duathletes will run a paved 1.5 mile loop, enter transition, and head out on the bike to ride [2] loops around the lake before heading back to transition and finish the race by repeating the same run leg. Route: Route Directional Video:

Site Maps

Duathlon Clinic Main Event Site Map & Parking

Duathlon Clinic + 5K Complete Route Overview Map

Fun Events is really looking forward to seeing all of your bright and shiny faces June 6.


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