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Cal Tri Events Reviving Sprint & Oly Short Course Triathlon Scene

Updated: Jun 18

The Austin Multisport Scene Heats Up: Short Course Triathlons Thrive!

Great news for triathletes in the Austin and Central Texas area! Local triathlon and duathlon races are finally experiencing a resurgence after the pandemic disruption. While some familiar events like the Rookie Tri have been incorporated into larger races like CapTex Tri,  this shift has left a gap for athletes looking for options.

Unfortunately, this lack of short course options is a common issue across many regions in the USA, with some areas even seeing their favorite local races canceled indefinitely.

Thankfully, Cal Tri Events steps in with their exciting nationwide short course triathlon series, offering a solution for athletes looking for these accessible races.

Their focus on Sprint and Olympic distances fills a critical void and caters perfectly to beginners, local racers, and anyone who prefers a more manageable triathlon experience.

Female Triathlete completing a sprint or olympic triathlon jumping across the finish line in joy
Triathlete Tessa Conliffe Jumping Across Triathlon Finish Line

Local Races: A Win for Athletes and Community

We all know the big names in endurance sports – Rock n’ Roll Running with their marathon and half marathon offerings, and Ironman Tri with their iconic long-distance 70.3 and 104.6 triathlons. But what about athletes who are new to the triathlon sport, or those that want to race locally or those who prefer shorter, more manageable tri distances?

Traveling for races can also be a drag – both on your wallet and motivation. As a race director, event announcer and athlete myself, I'm thrilled to see initiatives like our PinkStrong Series &  Cal Tri Events' nationwide short course triathlon series bringing back local races to the Austin and Central Texas area (including Austin & San Antonio).

Short Course Triathlons: Typically consist of Sprint and Olympic distances.

Their focus on shorter distances complements established endurance giants like Rock n’ Roll and Ironman. It caters perfectly to beginners, local racers, varying athlete abilities and those who prefer more manageable triathlon distances.

Short Course Triathlon: A Perfect Entry Point

This is where Cal Tri Events steps in. They offer a consistent race experience across various locations, making it easier for athletes to participate in familiar formats without the pressure of extreme distances. Their Sprint and Olympic distances provide a perfect entry point or training ground for aspiring triathletes.

Cal Tri Events offers two exciting short course distances: the Sprint Triathlon (typically a 400yd swim, 12m bike, and 5k run) and the Olympic Triathlon (usually a 1600yd swim, 25m bike, and 10k run). These distances provide a fantastic challenge for aspiring triathletes and seasoned veterans alike.

Swim Bike Run Fun: Supporting a Thriving Multisport Community

Here at Swim Bike Run Fun, we share Cal Tri's vision of keeping triathlon accessible and attractive to new athletes. While we offer free multisport training plans and accessible triathlon training information  we also produce our own races intentionally cater to a smaller, female-centric community; we believe options are crucial for athlete growth. The beauty of the multisport world lies in its diversity.

Cal Tri Events: A Multisport Festival for All

What truly excites me about Cal Tri is their commitment to a "multisport festival" atmosphere. Their 14 event options go beyond traditional triathlons, offering swim-run, swim-bike, bike-run, and even run-only options. This inclusivity allows athletes of all backgrounds and abilities to find their own way to participate and experience the thrill of multisport competition.

Streamlined Race Experience: Focus Safety & Finish Line

The streamlined race experience – consistent packet pickup, race gear, and safety format across locations – is another advantage for Cal Tri participants. It removes unnecessary stress and allows athletes to focus on what matters most: enjoying the race and pushing their limits.

Triathlon Race Announcer Camille Baptiste holding mic standing along side Female triathlete Cal Tri Austin Finisher
Race Announcer Camille Baptiste with Cal Tri Austin Finisher

Collaboration is Key: A Strong Racing Season in Austin

At Swim Bike Run Fun, we believe collaboration is key to a thriving multisport scene. While we offer a variety of our own women's multisport events, we're proud to partner with Cal Tri Events to create a diverse racing calendar for the Austin area.

Cal Tri Events' focus on Sprint & Olympic short course triathlons complements our offerings, giving athletes of all backgrounds and abilities more options to choose from. They were even recently recognized by Triathlete Magazine for their athlete-friendly deferral policy. Don't miss out – explore both Cal Tri Events and Swim Bike Run Fun's calendars to find your perfect race!

A Thriving Multisport Scene Benefits Everyone

Ultimately, a thriving multisport scene benefits everyone. It fosters a sense of community, encourages healthy competition, and allows athletes of all levels to find their own path in the exciting world of swim, bike, run!

Want to stay in the loop on all the awesome events and resources we offer for triathletes and cyclists in Austin? Follow us on Facebook!



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Jun 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

But they not USAT sanctioned

Jun 18
Replying to

There are a dozen companies that insure races, including USAT. It’s nice Cal Tri doesn’t force athletes to pay an extra $13 or $18. USAT better start sharpening that pencil.


Jun 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hubby and I remember meeting you at Decker race.

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