Don’t Do Nothing Half-Ass Use This Easy Core Routine For Triathletes, Cyclists & Runners Max Power

Don’t ever do nothing half-ass - use your full ass.

This SwimBikeRunFun blog is designed to help more women get involved with triathlon and multi-sport racing. It is also designed to keep those already involved in endurance racing engaged in new ways and experience Tri Fun as a collective of women empowering women.

I am not a skilled writer, blogger, and suck at punctuation and tense.

I am a people lover and a storyteller….and here is my first stab at sharing my “Ya ain’t using your full ass” experience a few years back and highlighting why having a strong core and easy routine is important for female triathletes, cyclists, and runners.

About 6 years ago when I signed up for my first open water swim triathlon- I was smack dead in the middle of peak training for the Austin Marathon. I quickly realized that I needed to add cross-training into my schedule and use my recovery or lite days for triathlon training.

As a beginner triathlete, back then I had only a handful of triathlons under my belt and they were all pool swims, I was concerned about the swim for tri race I signed up to do. I had never done an open water swim race before.

Winging it - I decided to tweak my marathon training plan and use rest days to get in an easy swim and sneak in a hot tub session for some good muscle recovery.

Winging it again - I thought it would be a great idea to cycle instead for my Sunday recovery run and give my feet a break.

Viola - I’m running, splashing a bit, and spinning a little - yeah baby I am Tri Training!

SwimBikeRunFun Masters Swim Workout Triathletes

My mindset - this is what I needed to do to get me through until after the Marathon and I can focus exclusively on a real triathlon training plan.

After two weeks of swim bike run mayhem - I was doing laps one morning with another member of #SwimBikeRunFun lady gang - she said is the most “Bless Your Heart” voice - “stop wasting your time swimming while you are still training for your marathon and increase your time with the weights - specifically your core. You look like a banana 🍌”.

Insert side-eye and an audible What@##$!

This is when being part of a Tribe - a collective sisterhood of women who like to #doepicshit - really paid off. I was the “new kid on the block” per se and Andrea was an accomplished triathlete and certified coach.

She pointed out that I had too much drag and was not streamlined.

Readily excited for the in the pool feedback. I said how do you fix that?

She said let start by Pulling our belly button into our back. Kick from your hip

I just could not get it right. My left side/hip especially did not snap or recover as rapidly as the right (Look - I don’t know all these fancy swim terms - so just use your imagination). I tried squeezing my butt hoping it would get me tight and right. Nope.

She said what are you doing? I am sucking in everything. I am tightening my core and squeezing my butt and I can’t breathe as a result lol. She said C - I know your problem - you have a weak ass core. Flabbergasted - was the look on my face. She said let me explain and demonstrate.

Triathlon SwimBikeRunFun Tribe - Empowered Women Empower Others

After a few poolside drills and exercise, I realized that I was half-assing it 😂 🤯. She sent me an email (that is what we did back then :-)) that included a core routine and explained to me the benefits of having a strong core for marathon and triathlon training. It is the foundation to be strong, quick, and remains injury-free.

Then she said this in the closing line: If you have to skip a workout or short on time - do this routine. I called Andrea immediately and told her naively - I am not in search of a six-pack and really need to work on my weakness - which was swimming - if I had limited time.

She said trust me - if you strengthen your core it will make you more resilient, make training easier, and prevent injuries. And I did.

For two weeks I did them 2x per week and once after a short run. Wow‼️

SwimBikeRunFun Max Power Easy Core Routine Infographic For Triathletes Cyclists Runners