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Could Duathlons Take Your Running & Cycling To the Next Level?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

PinkStrong Duathlon Is the Perfect Race

for You to Try Multisport Racing.

Calling all female triathletes, runners, cyclists, and veteran triathletes. Are you looking for an amazing adventure in the great outdoors? Then a PinkStrong Duathlon may be your next big challenge. Be BOLD- take your running, walking, or biking skills to the next level.

What is a Duathlon Race?

Duathlons are a form of triathlon in some ways in that it takes out the swimming leg of the race and replaces it with another running leg. People of any level of running or biking can compete in these races, but if you are already a dedicated runner or cyclist this is a great race for you. Duathlons are races that typically consist of a run, followed by a bike, and finished with a run.

Duathlons will help you break barriers whether you are a runner, a cyclist, as you cross over from running, to cycling, and back to running for the last leg. The absence of the swimming leg allows you to not only do this event all year around but be introduced to a very close-knit group of people as the PinkStrong community hopes to expand and grow.

When you come out to run and cycle with us out at the PinkStrong Lakeway Duathlon you will also be in an empowering environment surrounded by other women that will help you reach your fitness goals and celebrate at the finish line.

PinkStrong Duathlon & Running Festival Lakeway

PinkStrong’ s Lakeway Duathlon races will take place in the Austin’s lakeside hill country area of our bright and beautiful Texas. They call it hill country because it’s hilly and picturesque. The course is safe, fast, punchy and filled with peacefully scenic views of the lake, deer and other wildlife, and eclectic lake homes.

Duathlon race starts out with the first leg of the race being a 1.5 mile run with the first ¼ mile straight uphill on paved trails. You will run into the bike staging area, called transition, and pedal out the next leg of the DU which is an approximately 9.5 ride made of 2 loops of fast flats and beautiful rolling hills. The last run leg will be an approximately 2.5 run to the finish line on a paved trail.

All runs will be in the park on 95% paved trails. Your ride will be on a marked open road course with volunteers and police support on neighborhood low traffic streets with special event markings, to make sure everyone is safe during the race. There will also be an opportunity for a Relay Option, where one person runs and the other bikes.

Not ready to do your first multisport event? Come out and run the PinkStrong Trail 5K Challenger and be a part of something amazing.

Whether you are a walker, runner, cyclist, triathlete, or already a duathlete looking for your next amazing race, we hope you’ll come out and run with us! Bring your friends, all paces are welcome! This is the perfect event for your sporty crew of friends to get out and get at it.

PinkStrong events are also wonderful bonding time for mothers and daughters, so bring your mom out for an event for memories you’ll both cherish for years to come. PinkStrong events are great places to meet more women like you in your area, who are just as passionate about fitness and health.

Come on out, be bold, and challenge yourself to the PinkStrong Lakeway Duathlon. We can’t wait to see you there!


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