Duathlon Guide For Beginners

duathlon guide

What is a Duathlon Exactly?

Duathlon is a multisport event for athletes of all abilities. It’s similar to triathlon in that there are three legs of the event. Unlike triathlon, there are only two disciplines are involved. While triathlon is a swim-bike-run event, a duathlon is a run-bike-run event.

The Ideal Endurance Challenge For Beginners

Whether you’re a new athlete that just signed up for your first race, or you’re a triathlete looking to mix up your event calendar – duathlon can be an exciting multisport challenge.

Sprint distance duathlons are excellent introductory events for those who want to try their first multisport event. All it requires is a little motivation and consistent training.

Similarly, they can be a wonderful challenge for experienced athletes as far as improving their time and working their way up the podium.

What are Duathlon Distances?

Distances vary depending on the location and race organizer.

Most duathlon events are considered sprint-distance events, with each run in the 1-3 mile range and the cycling leg around 8-15 miles. A typical event might look something like this: