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Saying Yes to Adventure? You need Goals & Girlfriends

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

When it comes to endurance racing and training: You can't do epic stuff with basic people and without a plan.

Here at SwimBikeRunFun Club & Events, our motto is simple:

Fitness + Friends = Fun

When you team up with an accountability partner or an exercise buddy to train for an endurance event or meet up for sweat sessions on a regular basis, amazing things can happen.

Joining up with a friend for workouts or even meal planning might help you get out of the gym rut and, in some situations, avoid Pinterest-inspired food prep disasters. 🙋‍♀️

Finding a workout companion somehow provides you that extra push to train and stick to your training plan or workout program on a regular basis.

When you hang out with people who training for the same event or love to workout — people who like to swim, cycle, run, lift weights, participate in outdoor boot camps, and enjoy the zen of Yoga — you'll be inspired to set more demanding objectives and push yourself harder in your runs, rides and workouts in training peaks.

Tip #1 - Goals are better with Girlfriends

Find you some girlfriends and/or accountability partners. They make 100000% all the difference in the world.

All our race registrations come with FREE training plans (workouts + strength & core).

We also have some complimentary sprint triathlon, and duathlon plans that you can use for training with your girlfriends - they are time based easy to follow - and contains goals/milestones for you both to work towards.

Tip #2 - Something is better than NOTHING

When it comes to achieving our goals, training for a new race or big distance, or improving our skills, doing something is always preferable to doing nothing....

If your plan calls for 1 hour or 10 miles and all you have is 30 mins and enough energy for 5 miles. #doit

"I am now getting back into cycling. For my midweek ride when life gets in the way and all I have is 20-30 mins - I jump on the bike (sometimes in work clothes) and ride in the neighborhood and work on cornering, braking and pacing" – Camille

Tip #3 - Consistency is better than Perfection

Perfect often becomes the enemy of good. For some athletes, perfection becomes more essential than growth. We've given up on things because we couldn't do them as regularly, as devotedly, or as fully as we had expected.

But starting, even with a minor action, is better than not starting at all. Small steps in the right direction, especially when they become habits, are extremely powerful. Consistency.

Austin's Women's Multisport & Cycling Events

If you signed up for our PinkStrong Duathlon or Triathlon events check out upcoming ride and clinic schedule on our website. Interested in the registration and course detail for all our big events? Here are the handy links...


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