Why You Need Training Partners (And How To Find Them)

Ultimate Guide On How & Where To Find A Health & Fitness Accountability Partners

Does having a workout/training partner benefit runners, cyclists, swimmer & triathletes? Heck yeah it does!

We took the time to put together this Success Guide on Training & Accountability Partners. With over 50 years of combined training among our team members, we feel certain to say that having any sort of training partner, workout buddy, or diet accountability partner increases your chances for fitness, health & wellness success by a bizgillion!

SwimBikeRun Fun's Comprehensive Guide To Training Partners

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Our motto here at SwimBikeRun Fun is simple:

Fitness + Friends = Fun.

Two things that you can do that will immediately and freely improve your health — exercising and spending quality time with friends.

Amazing things happen when you pair up with an accountability partner or exercise buddy to train for an endurance event or meetup regularly for some sweat sessions.

Joining up with a friend for some workouts or even meal planning reverses the doldrums grind at the gym and in some cases saves you from Pinterest inspired meal prep fails.

Finding a workout buddy magically gives you that little extra push to consistently train and stick to your training plan or workout routine.

When you surround yourself with buddies who work out: buddies who like to swim, cycle, run, lift weights, do outdoor boot camps, and enjoy the zen of Yoga — you get injected with inspiration to set more challenging goals & go harder with your workouts.

Don’t believe me? Here is proof:

MIT researchers Sinan Aral and Christos Nicolaides found that exercise is, “socially contagious” — meaning that the more runners you know, the more likely you are to go out for a run. And to add context — this has exploded with the rise of fitness trackers like fitbit, and popular apps mapmyrun or strava.

Still don’t believe us...here is MORE proof from a University of Texas professor right here in Austin, TX, in SBRF's very own backyard.

"Starting exercise is easy — the