Why You Need Training Partners (And How To Find Them)

Ultimate Guide On How & Where To Find A Health & Fitness Accountability Partners

Does having a workout/training partner benefit runners, cyclists, swimmer & triathletes? Heck yeah it does!

We took the time to put together this Success Guide on Training & Accountability Partners. With over 50 years of combined training among our team members, we feel certain to say that having any sort of training partner, workout buddy, or diet accountability partner increases your chances for fitness, health & wellness success by a bizgillion!

SwimBikeRun Fun's Comprehensive Guide To Training Partners

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Our motto here at SwimBikeRun Fun is simple:

Fitness + Friends = Fun.

Two things that you can do that will immediately and freely improve your health — exercising and spending quality time with friends.

Amazing things happen when you pair up with an accountability partner or exercise buddy to train for an endurance event or meetup regularly for some sweat sessions.

Joining up with a friend for some workouts or even meal planning reverses the doldrums grind at the gym and in some cases saves you from Pinterest inspired meal prep fails.

Finding a workout buddy magically gives you that little extra push to consistently train and stick to your training plan or workout routine.

When you surround yourself with buddies who work out: buddies who like to swim, cycle, run, lift weights, do outdoor boot camps, and enjoy the zen of Yoga — you get injected with inspiration to set more challenging goals & go harder with your workouts.

Don’t believe me? Here is proof:

MIT researchers Sinan Aral and Christos Nicolaides found that exercise is, “socially contagious” — meaning that the more runners you know, the more likely you are to go out for a run. And to add context — this has exploded with the rise of fitness trackers like fitbit, and popular apps mapmyrun or strava.

Still don’t believe us...here is MORE proof from a University of Texas professor right here in Austin, TX, in SBRF's very own backyard.

"Starting exercise is easy — the difficult part is being consistent with it. One of the predictors of success in terms of persistent exercise is the support of other people.” cited Hirofumi Tanaka, PhD, a University of Texas at Austin professor of kinesiology and health education.


7 Health & Wellness Benefits From Getting a Workout Buddy

7 Health & Wellness Benefits From Getting a Workout Buddy

1. Committed To Your Goals Longer!

According to Dr. Tanaka, greater than 50% of people who start exercising as a part of a New Year’s resolution end up quitting by summer.

But are you really going to skip out on your yoga class if your friend Jenny is saving a mat for you at the studio? Likely not...

Tanaka says that exercise partners provide great motivation to adhere to workout/training goals.

2. Improbable To Get Bored And Quit.

It’s easy to get caught in an exercising rut and lose your zeal. Researchers in Europe propose a couple of following things supporting the concept of having a fitness buddy or workout partner:

Having a friend along in your fitness journey can increase the amount of exercise you do.

Success is nearly guaranteed when you have the emotional support of someone you trust. They will serve as a powerful reinforcement for your fitness goals.

3. Decreased Stress?

When life dishes out a dollop of stressful periods of time — we tend to rely on family and friends to help us get through those rough patches in life. But a training partner may also help alleviate stress in exercise environments.

Ever walk into the gym or see people on the trail working out together and notice they appear more relaxed or appear to be a bit happier or jovial cycling alongside a friend.

So many real life issues get worked out with a friend while on a long endurance training run or sitting in the sauna after some heavy lifting of free weights.

4. You’ll Motivate Yourself to Work Harder!

Don’t worry that your training partner is fitter than you — hope for it! In a Heard this term before: “Iron Sharpens Iron.” That is exactly what occurs when a group performs better together rather than as individuals — we see it all the time in triathlon and run clubs.

5. Increased Weight Loss Success!

Research studies have exemplified that social influence and social support can boost weight loss efforts Yes friends — Yes!

One study in particular, in the Archives of Internal Medicine, made up mostly of female African-American participants, suggested that a successful group effort may help you lose more weight when compared to losing weight by themselves. A 5-7% increase in weight loss was documented by many in the study.

Just more evidence that surrounding yourself with motivated people achieving a goal can help you stick to yours.

Friends, weight watchers support groups 7 Facebook group challenges, and monthly fitness/health goals commitments are highly effective when it comes to weight loss.

6. Decrease In Injuries?

Working out with an exercise partner can motivate you to workout smarter and with controlled progression.

This is especially true for strength training, lifting free weights and knocking out CrossFit WODs. Having a training partner to spot you during bench presses and watch your form during sumo squats makes your workout safer.

Having a cycling or running buddy is a built-in safety radar for road hazards and decreases your chances of getting seriously injured.

7. Live Life Longer & Fitter!

A few years back in 2018, Mayo Clinic Proceedings concluded a study of close to 9,000 people over the course of 25 years. One of the significant findings were individuals who participated in sports like tennis and soccer lived a few years longer than those who participated in solo fitness like body building or walking.

Fitness Partners Benefits : Play tennis. Hitting the court added 9.7 years to the participants’ life spans, compared with only an extra 1.5 years if they slogged it out at the gym on the treadmill.