How to Bike Faster for Endurance Events

Updated: Jun 21

The most obvious obstacle to going faster is aerodynamic drag, which is the force of air rushing past you. As your speed increases, this drag increases, too. In fact, to ride at 15 mph without wind, you must use 20% more power than usual.

So, how can you go faster? Here are some tips to increase your frontal profile and cycling strength. Also, learn about proper gearing and hydration on the bike . Then, try out the recommended gearing for your riding style.

Increase your Strength

In order to increase your strength to bike faster, you need to build functional muscle mass. Strength training in the off-season is essential, as it trains muscles to produce power at low speeds. Then, during your race season, you should increase your strength by increasing your cycling intensity.

In addition, you should focus on building muscle in the right areas, as more strength equals more power on the bike. The good news is that strength gains will offset some of the additional weight you add to your frame.

Improve your Hydration

If you are looking for a way to bike faster, improving your hydration can be the key to improving your performance. The recommended daily fluid intake while exercising is eight hundred milliliters of water, but cycling bottles are usually only 500-700 milliliters. You would have to stop and refill bottles every two hours.

Therefore, it is impossible to cycle for eight hours without hydration. To improve your hydration, focus on water before and after your rides. You can also try drinking diluted fruit juices, but it is advisable to stick with water as your primary beverage.