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How to Wash your Bike in 5 mins

Updated: Mar 21

A Clean Bike Is a Happy Bike

Riding a  Bikes Through Mud
Riding a Bikes Through Mud

A clean road bike really works better, lasts longer and just looks right. Whatever the season, if you ride your bike, you're probably going to get it dirty.

Over time, your bike picks up all kinds of dirt, dust, and debris that can wear down its parts and affect the way it rides.

But you can stop this with some suds and a little elbow grease. Protect your investment and keep your bike rolling smoothly with our recommended step-by-step guides to washing your ride.

BONUS: Team RADIOactive (club partner) is hosting an in-person (free) Bike Cleaning Clinic this weekend at Trek Parmer location and Swim Bike Run Club folks are invited.

Bike Wash Scrub-a-dub-dub Guides

Giving your bike a proper bath is a great way to help it perform its best. Sharing two great videos that illustrate great ways to wash and clean your bike based on your time budget and actually how dirty your bike is.

Here is the Simple Quick & Easy 5 min method to do after every ride great for all bikes and rider levels.

Here is 25 min method with all the fancy wash gear and tools for a road or mountain bike deep clean

Dirty Cycling Shoes?

How do you wash your cycling and running shoes?

That blog is coming UP NEXT....we working on it....

Looking for tribe tips and pics to make for a fun collaborative piece. Leave a comment or contact us with your shares.

Dirty Cycling Road Bike Shoes
Dirty Cycling Shoes After Ironman Waco 70.3


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