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What Secrets Do Women Need To Know About Triathlon That That Will Help Us Succeed Effortlessly?

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

SwimBikeRunFun Tri Fun Club Members Run Meetup

SwimBikeRunFun is all about sharing tips for women beginner triathletes looking to do their first triathlon, women looking for fun endurance multi-sport races and those looking for a training plan or triathlon tribe to explore the #swimbikerun life.

"The number of females who compete in triathlon has increased since the 1990s but the rate of participation in triathlon events remain lower for females compared to males", according to Romuald Lepers.

Starting something new or training for a new athletic feat can feel overwhelming, but a group of friends can make it a lot more fun. Have a buddy or an instructor that is relatable when learning about or training for a triathlon is worth more than a pound a gold - especially for women athtletes.

Women supporting and teaching other women in Triathlon is just a type of catalyst initiative we engage in over here at #SwimBikeRunFun to help bring more women into the sport.

Case in point: We are usually asked to host or help coach a few beginner "group ride 101" or "ows meetup" sessions locally. 100% of the time, an aspiring female cyclist or triathlete will come up to the "lady" instructors afterwards and ask "female" specific questions or compliment us on teaching them in a way that they easily comprehend.

Imagine how we excited we were when Triathlon Taren did a podcast on Women's needs as it relates to Triathlon with two prominent professional female triathletes, Sarah True & SaraGross this week.😍

Everything Specific For Our Bodies Women Need To Know About Racing Triathlons

Take a listen to Taren's Podcast Episode:

Triathletes Discussing Triathlon Special Needs  of Women

We listened intently to know what the two pro female triathletes had to share about everything Women needed to know about triathlon. Sarah and Sara covered most of the things regular age-group women and beginner women in triathlon tend to wonder about when they are training for a triathlon. These female pro-triathletes talked about everything:

1. Bra's

2. Heart Rate Monitors

3. Swim Caps

4. Hair Care

5. Chafing

6. Connecting with other Women

7. Sunscreen

8. Skin Care/Moisturizers

9. Women Saddles & Pain


11.Periods/Menstruations Cycles


13.Babies & Breast Feeding

14.Strength Training

SwimBikeRunFun Tri Fun Club Members Post Group Ride Coffee

Listening to this podcast brought back so many memories from our beginning days of training for our first triathlon as a crew. I remember after a group ride one Sunday morning there were about 4-5 of us gathered in Starbucks talking about an upcoming race. For half of our lady-gang it was going to be their first ever triathlon.

One of the questions asked was: "What is the strap I see some of the girls wear during spin class and on race day? You know the one? The black garter looking thing///"

After a few chuckles, it was revealed to be a "heart rate monitor". There was an audible - Oh

great something else I need to buy or figure out? It was reassuring to hear it calmly explained that it was not a NEED or necessity for your first 1-3 races. Grateful for that moment to be part of a ladies triathlon training crew.

Naturally the next question was: So how do you stuff that in a bra along with all the girls? 🤣

What Do Women Really Need To Know About Triathlon To Participate?

If you’re reading this blog you are likely:

👉 Curious about Triathlons

👉 Signed up for a Triathlon race in the

near future

👉 Wondering if you need to training


👉 Asking yourself if you need Female

specific gear/saddle

Perhaps you are a female cross fit athlete looking for a new challenge. Maybe your female runner who has grown a bit bored with the half-marathons in your area and looking to add something new and spicy to your athletic accomplishments. Maybe you were on your school's swim team and looking to try something new yet familiar to get back in shape?

Heck, are you like Virginia, my neighbor who since Covid has fallen in love with riding her bike again but would really like some company to ride out on the road and train for a race?

Triathlons can do all of that for you. Triathlon's community welcomes you with open arms. 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️🥰

While triathlons are still competitive races, athletes are incredibly supportive, encouraging and motivating. What women really need to know about doing triathlons is that other female racers are willing to share and help you succeed.

Everything Sara and Sarah shared above are all the encompassing things that female triathletes experience or have to deal with at some level.

Joining a Tri Club or hanging with a few veteran female triathletes is the guaranteed way to find out all you really need to know about triathlons and embed a sure fire way to getting help in case some comes up during training.

Beginner female triathletes see huge improvements in their first few seasons when they are part of a Tri club or training alongside another female triathlete and that’s an enormous motivational boost for them to stay in the Tri game longer!

Connect with Austin Women of Triathlon

You don't have to navigate the triathlon world alone. Find a group or tribe of women that you can train and race with. It will make things much easier having another female triathlete or coach to turn to when you run into unknown territory.

Take the SwimBikeRun Fun crew for example. We are smilers and prolific high-fivers ✋. Over many years of racing amongst us - we have come to realize we have more fun if we can connect with other women on the course and even train with buddies before the race. Secret revealed: when we smile, we typically get a smile back—and that's what keeps us going over here at #SwimBikeRunFun.

Triathlon Racing Tip: Use that positive energy to your advantage. Chat with the other female triathletes while you're waiting for your wave to start. Make a point to smile at your competitors as they ride or run past. It just might be the boost you need during the toughest part of the race.

Curious About Triathlons & How To Train For One?

If you're looking for a real good-vibes experience perhaps, sign up for a women-only triathlon event or race.

SwimBikeRunFun offers ideal racing experiences for both beginners and veterans who are looking for a dose of true "She" camaraderie.

Thinking about improving your fitness or tackling your first triathlon race? Prefer a female only training group, who are all about support for each other & succeeding? Want to find out how to complete your first triathlon in 6-8 Weeks and what triathlon gear you really need?



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