Super Tight Hips & Lower Back Pain Slowing You Down?

Cranky, Stiff, Tight Hips Won't Let You Be Great? 😩 Let's fix that ...

Super Tight Hips & Lower Back Pain Bad For Runners Cyclists & Triathletes
Endurance Athletes Suffer From Tight Hips & Lower Back Pain Frequently

Have tight hips after a workout or during the week when you are not training? You are not alone if you have tight hips after a workout, during your yoga practice or when you have had too many rest days.

So many in our tribe: cyclists, runners, triathletes, swimmers and rock climbers - all talk about how their hips hurt on a regular basis.

Tight hips and lower back pain and weakness is a very common complaint shared among runners, long distance cyclists, some swimmers, triathletes and a plethora of endurance athletes online and during group training sessions.

They all commandingly look for ways to decrease their tightness, relieve aches, increase overall mobility in their hips, without using pain prescriptions, over the counter inflammation drugs and topical creams.

Source of Hip & Lower Back Pain for Endurance Athletes?

Your body is a complete ecosystem in itself. The psoas is the biggest muscle in the hip. It runs from your mid-back to the top of your quad, which connects the top front of your pelvis to the top of your quad, and so on.

Tight hip flexors can make it difficult for your pelvis or psoas to function properly, causing your lower back to overcompensate and produce a lower-back injury. The psoas, and hence the lower back, are supported by stretching the hips and hip flexors.

Tight hips or underactive glutes can make it difficult to engage the correct muscles during a workout, so performing regular activation exercises can help you recruit your glutes correctly during cardio or weight training.

The good news is that yoga can help. Certain yoga hip stretches/strength moves can reduce tightness, relieve aches, increase hip mobility, and, if done frequently enough, elevate your race day performance - in all races across the board - swimming, road & trail running, cycling events/bike rides , and triathlons.

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Best Exercises To Fix & Strengthen Tight Hips

If you're experiencing tight hips post-workout or during your training sessions, you're not the only person in the pack - in fact it’s so normal amongst athletes 30+. The psoas is the largest hip muscle and wraps from your mid-back across the front of you