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Choose Your First Triathlon/Duathlon Race In 3 Easy Steps

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Considering signing up for a triathlon or duathlon competition - but now sure where to go or how to start?

Best QUICK & EASY advice we have for new club members for choosing their first multisport event:

  • What - Determine the distance and format that are best for your level of fitness.

  • Where - Race Local

  • How - To help you stay on track and receive guidance as you train for the big day, create a training plan.

Choosing a Triathlon Race

Knowing your objectives for the race is the best way to select a triathlon. For instance, you must be aware of which events to enter if you want to be eligible for the AG Team USA or Ironman Worlds.

On the other hand, if your goal is to participate in sports for enjoyment rather than for competitive reasons, you should choose races that are more relevant to your lifestyle and financial situation.

Take into account everyone's safety. Consider whether the locations of the swim, bike, and running portions of the triathlon course will be in your comfort zone.



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