Duathlon| Perfect Race For Triathletes Who Actually Hate The Swim

Updated: Mar 19

Why should Triathletes do a Duathlon?

When the first thing you think of when your running mate suggests you sign up for a triathlon, "I hate swimming," - you still have the opportunity to compete in a multisport event . It’s called a duathlon.

So what exactly is a Duathlon (DU)? The duathlon race format consists of only two separate legs/sports - the bike & the run. A DU removes the swim and replaces it with another run.

🏃‍♀️Run + T1 + 🚴‍♀️Bike + T2 + 🏃‍♀️Run = Duathlon 🎆

As the weather starts to warm up and races get back on the calendar, add a little fun to your training schedule with a Duathlon.

Duathlons Provide The Perfect Multisport Fix

Tired of Tri? Afraid of Triathlons? Have not been Swimming? Weak Swimmer? Just curious about the Multisport events & community?

Duathlons, so we have been told by a few in our tribe - it’s the perfect race option for those who hear the word “triathlon” and think, "I hate swimming. Interested in competing in a multisport event and can ride a bike and run/walk then a Duathlon is your jam.

Duathlons are similar to triathlons in that competitors must complete three legs.

While triathletes compete in swimming, cycling and running, duathletes start out with a short run, cycle and finish the race with a run again.

Duathlons are the perfect race for fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, runners/walkers, crossfitters and acceptable for athletes of all ages.

People like the DU challenge because of its emphasis on endurance and the simplicity of the race format.

A Duathlon is a badass activity you can practically do anywhere with minimal specialized equipment.

If swimming is not your jam, a duathlon gives you the opportunity to participate in a multisport race.

Not a great swimmer, but want to do a Triathlon?

Duathlons are a great way to break into the multisport community and use your bike/run skills to compete in a multisport race.

You can still work on your swimming until your are confident enough to pull the registration handle on Triathlon race.

Choosing to do a duathlon race allows you to focus on the things you love about triathlon & your fitness strengths - the bike and the run.

Think of doing a duathlon as a (really, really) long brick session.

By doing an organized duathlon, experienced Triathletes are able to practice and test out a nutrition plan and race tactics.

Triathletes & Duathletes Groups Celebrating At Finish Line

Are Duathlons Easy Compared to Triathlons?

Common Question: "Is a duathlon harder than a triathlon?,"

Just because there is no swimming involved, it doesn't mean it's automatically easier than a triathlon.

A duathlon may actually be harder for seasoned triathletes!

Hard to unequivocally say that duathlons are easier than triathlons.

It really depends on the athlete, where their strengths, comforts, preferences & weaknesses are.