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Club Special Event: Free Cycling Kits at Brick Clinic - March 6th (Veloway)

Updated: Mar 21

How would like you to spend an afternoon surround by supportive, fun women, have your pick of free jazzy cycling clothing & accessories and level up your multisport game with our Brick Duathlon & Triathlon training clinic?

Special Guest: Bike Kitty (*Ride Meow*)

You have been blessed by the Cycling Kit Gods. Bike Kitty aka *Ride Meow* will be our Featured Guest at our upcoming Brick Training Clinic. Bike Kitty founded by Laura Carbonneau is a global network who mission centers around connecting cyclists to reuse and repurpose cycling kits, while growing the sport and promoting inclusion.

Brick Clinic

Just for us - she will be hosting her first LIVE EXPO at our Brick Clinic. She will have kits ( new and gently used) from size XS - 3XL - that she would love to pair with a loving cyclists.

We've adjusted our Clinic/Meetup time to be 15-30 earlier to give you time to *adopt* a kit or accessory into your #cyclinglife. Here's what Sunday from 1:30-3pm could look like if you choose to accept this mission & RSVP before next Thursday March 3, 2022 ( we want to give her an accurate headcount so no one is left out)


What [5] basic things you need for the Clinic?

  1. RSVP {it's FREE}

  2. Bike {any bike, all bikes can do the workout}

  3. Helmet

  4. Running shoes

  5. Water Bottle

Step 1: Brick Clinic Format

Brick Training Clinic will cover brief explanation of what brick training is, how you use it in training and benefits on race day. We will practice going from bike to run a few times. Arrival: Set up transition area on bike rack (see tutorial below)

Workout Format to be Completes 2-3 times (go at your own pace):

Step 2: Clinic Prep Checklist

Optional Items

  1. • Sunglasses

  2. • Socks (if you wear socks on the bike or run, bring them)

  3. • Race Belt (if you don’t safety pin your bib to your running

  4. shirt, bring a belt)

  5. • Cycling gloves (if you wear gloves, bring them to practice)

  6. • Any extra clothing you’d use for the bike or run, bring it. If

  7. you like to throw a running shirt on, bring it.

  8. • Hat or visor

  9. • Water bottle or fuel belt for the run

  10. • Towel for transition

  11. • Watch and/or bike computer

Download this via doc and save to phone


Free Cycling Kits

We are excited to have Bike Kitty out at our Club Event. We believe in their mission and love the fact that also help support cycling initiatives in Africa and willing to help new cyclists in the mountain bike, road bike and social riding communities be seen and feel included. RSVP

Free Cycling Kits



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