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10 Self Care Mood Boosters for Women Athletes

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Boosting your mood is an important part of staying healthy as an athlete or women involved in fitness or endurance cardio. If you have a low mood, it can be easy to skip out on a workout, procrastinate or give up on everyday life tasks. Here are 10 self-care tips and things you can do to instantly IMPROVE and ELEVATE your mood for emotional well-being and productivity boost.

10 Self Care Tips For Women Athletes

  1. Go outside for a daily walk

  2. Journal daily

  3. Spend more time with family and friends

  4. Indulge in pampering

  5. Declutter or Zen your space

  6. Sleep more or longer

  7. Read/Listen to more books

10 self care mood booster illustration infographic by swim bike run fun club
Fun Club Self-Care Infographic for Women Athletes

5 Additional Self- Care Mood Enhancers for Female Athletes


One of the best mood boosting tips is to listen to music. Music has some really interesting effects on the human brain, from reducing stress to increasing endurance. You can also make your own playlist of music tracks based on your mood.


Other cool ways to boost your mood are to spend time in nature. Studies show that people who are out in nature perform better on cognitive tests and have better memory and focus. You may also want to consider joining a walking group.


Another cool mood boosting tip is to cut down on refined sugar. Many foods contain hidden sources of sugar. For example, ketchup and fruit "drinks" contain a lot of sugar. Cutting down on sugar will boost your mood and improve your overall health.


The best exercise-related tip is to start a routine. It's important to stick to your routine, as it builds a habit. This will help you to stay in a positive mindset and boost your mood.

Buddy Up for Workouts

Another great tip is to work out with friends. When you work out with others, you'll be more likely to keep up the habit. Also, working out with friends is a great way to make you feel more accountable.



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